Carnival, Jester & Half Masks by Tiger Torre Art

Celebrate, costume thyself,    
           in the spirit of carnival…

Jesters and harlequins have long been a subject of masks and costumery.
Tiger approached these masks with a sense of whimsy, including moving, jingling bells.
They can come in any combination of colors and finishes, with brass or silver bells.

Light Colors Rainbow Jester
Dark Colors Rainbow Jester

Rainbow Jester ~ Silver & Copper ~ $80
Rainbow Jester ~ Black & Silver ~ $80

Purple & Black Dark Jester
Red & Black Dark Jester

Dark Jester ~ Purple & Black ~ $100
Dark Jester ~ Red & Black ~ $100

Laurie's Dark Jester
Mardi Gras Dark Jester

Dark Jester ~ Green & Burgundy ~ $110
Dark Jester ~ Mardi Gras ~ $110

Purple, Red, Blue Dark Jester
Metallics Dark Jester

Dark Jester ~ Purple, Red, Blue ~ $110
Dark Jester ~ Metallics ~ $110

Here are the Demure Harlequin and the Demure Jester.
Both of these masks have a much smaller profile, fitting closely to the face.
They have simple lines and dramatic colors for a classic look.
Much like the other Jesters, they can be made in almost any color combination.

demure harlequin leather mask
demure harlequin leather mask

Demure Harlequin ~ Gold & Copper ~ $80
Demure Harlequin ~ Metallic Blue & Black ~ $80

demure jester leather mask
demure jester leather mask

Demure Jester ~ Metallic Red & Black ~ $85
Demure Jester ~ Mardi Gras ~ $85

Introducing the Jester Crown...
Designed to give you maximum fun and frivolity in a small amount of space, and without covering the face.
These crowns can be made in almost any color combination, with gold or silver bells.

Leather Jester Crown

Jester Crown ~ Rainbow Metallics & Black ~ $90

Here are some examples of fun, harlequin inspired Solitaires.

Teal & Copper Solitaire
Yin Yang Solitaire
Mardi Gras Solitaire

Copper & Teal Solitaire ~ $80
Yin Yang Solitaire ~ $80
Mardi Gras Solitaire ~ $80

Zephyrs are free form, unique, half masks. They are usually finished in solids and swirls of metallics colors.
They can be made in almost any color, but are generally one of a kind pieces. Zephyrs range in price from $60 - $75.

Green Half Mask
Purple Half Mask

Zephyr ~ $70
Zephyr ~ $70

Red Half Mask
Blue Half Mask

Zephyr ~ $65
Zephyr ~ $65

Purple Half Mask
Teal Half Mask

Zephyr ~ $70
Zephyr ~ $70

Want all the colors of the rainbow ?
Tiger can do that too !
(These pieces are both sold, but serve as great examples !)

Rainbow Mask
Rainbow Crown

Freeform Rainbow Mask ~ $85
Rainbow Scroll Crown ~ $65

Mask Hangers are available in silver and brass for $2 each.
To place an order, please e-mail Tiger with the name of the piece(s) you are interested in.
If the piece is in stock, it can ship quickly. If not, one can usually be made to order.

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